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There exists a variety of reasons like, for instance, time limits, lack of evidence or ideas, a too-late start or even frustration for which you may seem to be unable to cope with your dissertation writing. If you have such problems, calm down, for you are not alone! MA-Dissertations.com staff, understanding these problems quite well, is willing to assist you in reaching our common goal, the goal of your successful defense. Being your true assistant, MA-Disserations.com provides you, our valuable clients with a full range of dissertation writing services developing outstanding:

In the course of your dissertation writing generally defined as 'seeking through methodological processes to add to your own body of knowledge and, hopefully, to that of others, by the discovery of non-trivial facts and insights' a professional MA-Dissertations.com writer assigned to you will show you how to develop an appropriate:

  • title, outlining the subject area under research, the discipline the dissertation pertains to, the issue involved as well as the method(s) applied to.
  • preface, containing your acknowledgements.
  • introductory chapter, describing your motivation to conduct the research, asking a spot question or putting forward a hypothesis to be confirmed or rejected in the course of the research, and the methods you are to apply to obtain the answer.
  • methodology chapter, representing a set of basic scientific methods involved in your research. In addition, discussion of strong points of the methods preferred, as well as their limitations would emphasize your professional approach to the research.
  • literature review, familiarizing the committee members with the degree to which your subject area has been studied and researched by introducing key publications, discussing existing viewpoints, singling out major and secondary references.
  • corpus, embracing your original research findings, contributions to the subject area under research, descriptions of data processing and analysis.
  • subsequent developments, logically breaking each chapter into separate ideas- using chunking technique.
  • final chapter, summing up the main ideas communicated in the scope of your research in comparison with those put forward by other researchers.
  • list of references, presenting a list of publications directly relevant to the topic dealt with.
  • set of appendices, practically illustrating the material presented in theoretical chapters, etc.

Being clearly focused and practical, manageable and relevant, challenging but always achievable dissertations generated by MA-Dissertations.com professional team aim at the following objectives:

  • careful scheduling the procedure of dissertation writing
  • clear statement of the issue to be investigated
  • exhaustive justification of the interest of the study
  • explicit justification of methodological approach
  • thorough review of literature on the topic
  • keeping to dissertation writing standards
  • successful attempt at interpretation of the data gained
  • recognized conclusions drawn on the research basis
  • practical comparison of the conclusions reached in course of your own research with those which already exist in other researches
  • responding to your supervisor's feedback
  • preparing your presentation

Entrusting your dissertation developing to MA-dissertations.com team of experienced writers you may be quite sure of your successful defense as well as of full confidence on our part. Remember that dealing with us you get a top quality academic paper at affordable costs in addition to the best ever customer care. Contact us to order your dissertation and pave you way towards writing your dissertation with flying colors and earning your Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor's degree.