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Ma Dissertations.com offers only sterling services and products! We honor copyright law and do our best to avoid plagiarisms. We resort to numerous and versatile sources in the course of your dissertation preparation and cite them with due respect. We also duly observe academic style requirements. As a result, you get what you deserve – the purest quality dissertation gem!

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We include separate items of thesis and research proposal writing into the list of our dissertation writing offers. Every successive offer envelopes the previous one as its integral part. Finally, you get what resembles a natural pearl in its shell. Open it to dazzle the whole scientific community!

We write 100-300 pages length dissertations (as required depending on the branch of science – the former is enough for Engineering, the latter is more appropriate for Humanities). To install the image of a devoted researcher, you are to impress your judicial academic audience with a dissertation that can be proud of its significant title, logical table of contents, all-embracing bibliography, clearly arranged lists of figures and abbreviations, and much more.

Writing a dissertation is a complicated process with many aspects and facets. In general, your dissertation structure will encompass 4-6 chapters:

  • Introduction,
  • Abstract/Thesis
  • Hypothesis validation,
  • Statistical data analysis,
  • Conclusions.

We advise you to write Introduction after the preliminary results of the research have been interpreted. It helps to take a broader view of the research in general and introduce amendments, if necessary.

Research data can be summarized in the draft for their further consideration and description. Try to follow logical path in your reasoning. It is advisable to apply the following pattern: imagine that you invite your future readers to your creative laboratory, lead them from one room (research stage) to another, as if offering them an excursion into the depths of your research.

Adding final strokes of to your paper, do not forget about proper editing. Stupid mistakes or even common misprints can easily spoil the first impression of your dissertation, no matter how bright it may be in all other respects. To err is human, but not in the academia! Mind not only your grammar and spelling, but style and tone too. You text must be laconic, transparent and conceptually precise. It is good to let your paper rest for some time in order to return to it later and critically evaluate it with a fresh eye. It will help you to observe the inconsistencies or omissions and prompt the ways of their improvement. The overall polishing procedure is recommended at the end. Optimization is of great importance at this stage.

Besides your main dissertation requirements, we also ask you to supply us with all the necessary and relevant information on the issue of your professional background. It is required to write Curriculum Vita of yours as a prospect doctoral candidature. It is included into your dissertation as an obligatory component at the last page.

We wish your astounding and breathtaking success in all your beginnings!