What services does MA-Dissertations.com provide?
Our company was designed to assist students of different academic programs with the completion of their assignments, and specifically dissertations. You will be able to receive every type of dissertation services: writing, editing, proofreading, etc. We have selected best writers from the United States of America, U.K, Australia, and Canada, who have proven to be true specialists, when it comes to dissertation writing, in order to assure that our customers receive only the top quality assignments.

How can your company help me?
Are you a student, who is currently studying in Bachelor’s, Masters, or Doctorate program and are having problems with completion of your dissertation and need some professional assistance? Then our service is what you need, while working with us, you will receive help from the world’s best specialists in the dissertation writing and will get friendly support from our administrative team.

Are revisions possible?

The satisfaction of our customers is the main goal of our company, thus we have implemented Unlimited Revisions Policy, which will allow you to have your assignment corrected as many times as you like, free of charge, until you are 100% satisfied with the received paper.

Will I be able to contact my writer?

Communication with the writers plays an important role in the completion of every assignment and we know it. Our technical department has developed an easy to use message board, which will allow you to stay in the constant touch with your writer, as well as with our administrative staff, and ask them any questions, or give any suggestions you like.

Is it possible for me to forward any information to my writer?

Once the order is placed, you will be granted an access to your personalized order area, which has been designed to suit all of your needs. With the help of it, you will be able to contact your writer, write a message to our administrative staff, download any drafts and your completed assignment, as well as forward any information to your writer. If you have a file that you would like to forward to the writer, our system will allow you to forward up to 20 attachments (10MB each), or if you have a hard copy and you do not feel like spending your time scanning pages, you can simply fax it to us.

What customer support do I get?

We have hired the team of the professional Customer Care assistants, who have years of experience of work in the custom writing services in order to assure that you receive customer support at the level that no other company can match. Our telephone lines (with multiple extensions) are easy accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the email get a proper reply, within maximum period of 2 hours, and all the messages that you will send to our administration will be replied to within 25 minutes. If you do not like talking on the telephone, and would rather spend you time chatting to someone on-line, you can contact our Online Support Line, and get replies to all of your answers, while surfing the web for latest news, or reading e-mails from your friends or colleagues.

How can I pay for the services provided by MA-Dissertations.com?

We accept all of the following payment options:

  • any major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX);
  • Debit cards;
  • PayPal

Will I be able to submit assignment completed by your company to my university?

All of our assignments are provided for research purposes only, which means that they are intended to help you in the completion of you own work, and we strongly recommend you not to submit any works completed by our writer, to your university, as it would be a breach of Terms of Usage. However, you are our customers, and we believe your words thus no one will be checking how you use it, as we are 100% sure that you will use it in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to be a customer in order to contact your phone or on-line support?

We are always glad to speak to all of you, thus you can contact with any questions that you have, and one of our operators will do their best in order to give you a proper answer to any inquiries that you may have.

Is your service confidential?

When ordering a service on the internet you want to be 100% sure that no one, who is not supposed to, will not find out about you buying a certain product, or ordering some service. At MA-Dissertations.com we guarantee full confidentiality to all of our customers, by this we mean that your private information will not be given away to any third parties, under any circumstances.

Do you resell, publish or reuse any completed assignments?

According to terms and conditions on our web-site we guarantee that we will not reuse, resell or publish any dissertations that have been completed by our company.

Do you ever store works in any databases?

We guarantee that none of the assignment completed by MA-Dissertations.com will be store on any external databases, except for our own. We, however, will keep the copy of your completed assignment for 6 months; in order to make sure that if there will be a need for a revision you will be able to get it done properly.

When will be my dissertation delivered to me?

While filling out the order request form you will be able to select a delivery date, which is appropriate for you, and you dissertation will be delivered to you on that day.

What will happen if my order is not delivered on time?

Even though, it does not happen often, delays in the delivery are possible, however we will notify at least 24 hours prior to your deadline if there will be any delays in the delivery, and still will do our best in order to have your assignment delivered to you on time. In case if delay happens you will be provided with the partial compensation of 20% for lateness.

If I am not from the United States will you be able to accept my order and how will I be able to make the payment?

We welcome orders from every customer, no matter where you are located, and we offer payment options that no other company can match:

If you are a customer and you are from the EU you will be able to pay by one of the following options:

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners)
  • Debit Card (via PayPal)
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

If you are from country other then those of EU, you can pay by all of the above option with the exception of UK debit cards.